Book Launch – Woman Up: 2nd September 2021
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I’m Jodes, and I’m an Assertiveness Coach for women.
I help women rediscover their true identity, find their voice, step into their own authentic space, figure out what they want and then go out and get it.
I’m a glass ceiling smasher, boys club navigator, credibility champion and influencer extraordinaire!
I’m on a mission to create a guilt free army of liberated women living their best lives


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As a kid, I always wanted to ‘be’ something. I had loads of big dreams but I always thought that they didn’t happen to ‘people like me’.

As a woman with a husband, two businesses and three children, who wanted to live a happily and fulfilling life, I found it impossible to be able to do and have all of things I wanted and that made me really unhappy.

It also made me feel guilty because on paper, I had nothing to complain about. I had everything that most other people wanted: a lovely house, nice cars, three beautiful children that came easily to me, a successful career, gorgeous holidays… you get the picture?

But I had no fire in my belly, no zest for life – you too?

A diagnosis of kidney disease shortly after my 30th birthday put my life into perspective.

Now I knew what I was going to die of (unless I get run over by a bus) and that liberated me to break free and go after the dream…. The corporate rat race wore me down, training and coaching managers and senior leaders (mostly men) who didn’t want to get better and achieve more (their egos thought they were ‘all that’ already and they SO weren’t!). I dreamt of running my own business, working with people who DID want to grow and get better, but it all felt like a pipe dream.

The journey has been like doing back to back tough mudder courses!! F*ck me! I’ve taken a battering along the way. It’s been a guilt ridden, messy divorce fest, littlest hobo, house hopping adventure (and that’s scraping the surface)!

This is me (the 4 year old me). She’s the best version of me…

the version who is fearless and invincible. She can achieve anything she sets her mind to and she has an amazing zest for life. She’s who I tap into when I need to dig deep, when the going gets tough, because it inevitably does.

IRL, I’m just Jodes. I have 20 years corporate learning and development experience for blue chip companies, specifically specialising in leadership development. Some of my specialist topics are in the field of assertiveness, influencing, trust & credibility and presence & personal impact. I’ve been a qualified executive coach for over 10 years and have spent much of that time coaching senior leaders, directors and board level execs.

In corporate life that was mostly men.

I was overly familiar with the lack of women in senior positions and it really pissed me off. I worked with the few women who were playing in that space, to help them navigate and break through the ‘boys club’mentality, help them really boost their credibility in order for them to smash through the glass ceiling or help them find their true authenticity so they no longer had to play the ‘alpha-female’ bitch from hell stereotype. This is where I found my passion! I knew then that I wanted to work with women to help them be successful.

10 years later and here I am…

I’ve hit the big 40 and I know who I am and what I want. I’ve still got my hang-ups and I’d love to not give a fuck what people think of me…but I do – that’s just me – I’m accepting that.


Most importantly, I’m bringing up 3 amazing daughters to be strong, wonderful women in their own right and I’m showing them the way.

What I do…

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I’m a qualified Executive Coach with over 20 years corporate experience in Leadership Development and an expert in behavioural change.

I can help you to build your credibility, have more influence, smash glass ceilings, navigate the boys club mentality, figure out what you want and go out and get it, without being the alpha-female bitch from hell.

I’ve spent the last 3 years specialising in coaching women to be more assertive and I do this through my group coaching programme – Woman Up

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I am also Co-founder of Ladies Life Lounge – an online members club for women who want more.We’re on a mission to create a guilt free army of women living the happy, fulfilling and successful life they deserve.

The club provides training and coaching in all areas of life for women from confidence to health & wellbeing, personal style to relationships & sex, starting a business to career development and much, much more. There really is no other place like it where you can get everything you need under one roof for an affordable monthly subscription.


So with my own personal life experience and professional expertise I can help you get your life exactly where you want it to be.

What’s different about me is that I’m a down to earth, northern lass – there’s no corporate bullshit or facade with me. I’m actually human! (which you don’t often find these days behind the corporate glass doors) We can laugh, we can cry, I can kick you up the ass and give you a slap round the face with a wet kipper when you need it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not flippin brilliant at what I do. I’m an expert in leadership and executive coaching – I’m just not all stuffy and boring with zero personality – I’ve got truck loads of that!


My signature talk

Book me to speak at your event or your corporate women’s network.

An inspirational & liberating session for women to discover how to rise up and own their space, get what they want and achieve everything they desire and are capable of without being someone they’re not.

Woman Up is also available as a  LIVE 16 week group programme.

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This short course is my entry-level programme.

In just a few short online modules I’ll show you what it truly means to be assertive, why you should bother, the mindsets to set you up for success, PLUS my best kept secret – The Guilt Free Formula for Saying No!

You can progress at your own pace and go through the programme over and over again to suit your needs as it is a LIFETIME ACCESS programme.


(Ladies Life Lounge members 20% disc) 

A DIY version of my 16 week LIVE programme.

Same content, but self-study. Contains 8 video modules with an accompanying workbook, PLUS access to a Facebook community group for help & support.

You can progress at your own pace and go through the programme over and over again to suit your needs as it is a LIFETIME ACCESS programme.


(Ladies Life Lounge members 20% disc).

If you have a very specific goal that you want to achieve or a relationship that needs some work and you want results quickly, then the 1:1 option is most suited for you.

You can also work one to one with me through my Woman Up programme over 9 sessions.

Packages available in 3/6/9/12 sessions from £750

(Ladies Life Lounge members 20% disc) 

If you’re looking for a high impact injection or one shot boost to accelerate your progress with an action plan, get you set for a job interview or prepare for a presentation then an acceleration session might be just what you need.

This is a 90 minute coaching session.


(Ladies Life Lounge members 20% disc).

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